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If you made it here to this post and the post previous, you’ve been successfully redirected to the new home of The DNS caches around the Internet are still flushing (basically, for the less technically inclined, it’s like getting your address updated in the phonebook — it takes a while for everyone to get the new phonebook). I’ve moved to now. I was on a very good server run by a long-time friend and past coworker, but I always felt guilty asking for new bits or a change in the config or what have you, as he wouldn’t accept payment for the hosting, so I finally eased my conscience and quit imposing on him. Thanks again Kor, it was a flawless… 7 years of hosting of! (I had to check the copyright notice on the page to know that :-S)

As such I’m doing some housecleaning and doing a few upgrades, such as this blog, which is now hosted on WordPress 2.x software. I’m liking it a lot. While bloged worked well for a long while, I wanted categories primarily, as well as some of the nice features MarsEdit has to offer, and the option to get the comments going. Plus I did not want to administer the server. I can, but I have 3 sons and a wonderful wife, and my spare time with my family is more valuable than $10/month.

I’m also gradually going to split the site, and put the technical aspects over at as well as a technical blog there (linked in the blogroll on the right). I’ll be doing more of the in-depth technical things on that site as I get it rolling, and this will be more my fun and hobbies, and my personal viewpoints. So depending on what you’re looking for, some adjustment might be required.

You might note that the rss address changed, as did the actual blog address. The home page is the same, so I expect everything will transfer, and now you can consume RSS 2.0 or Atom feeds for the blogs. Any other suggestions or comments, please let me know! Comments are enabled, although I’ve asked for verification and registration to stop the moron bots and such or at least slow them down. We’ll see how it works out. Or email me. Still at dallas (at) hockley (dot) ca and all that translation to an email address at this site.

Lightning2Aug092006.jpgAnd another lightning picture from last night, where it just crackled across the whole sky…..

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