Ring Nebula and M13

Well, the skies were reasonably clear for a while this evening, so I took my Celestron C6 out with the Rebel XT and tried to get a few shots using the Lumicon light pollution filter I ordered a long while back that finally arrived. Despite some tracking errors (I don’t have an off-axis guider) a couple of the shots turned out alright. I’ve tucked some small clips of the pics in the blog here. If you have a desire to see the full size, either email me or post a comment and I’ll get the pics up in their 8 megapixel glory.

The two targets were the Ring Nebula, a nice planetary nebula that’s fairly easy to spot in Lyra, and M13, the Hercules Globular Cluster, also easy to find down the leading side of the body of the warrior.

The Ring Nebula: cropped RingNebula.jpg

and M13: CroppedM13.jpg

Hope you enjoy!

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