Err…. Rougherer

Tonal Experiment Ok, this is again for posterity and I make no pretenses about this being a desired piece of audio for most people. It’s a second experiment with GarageBand and my fledgling Shakuhachi skills. Difference this time is that I put a bit of midi tonal instruments to it, and well….. you can tell my tuning isn’t quite matured yet. 😉

Apologies in advance to anyone with both perfect pitch, good pitch or just a musical ear and insatiable curiosity as some of this recording WILL make you cringe. It does it to me, but I’m not composing this stuff yet, just noodling and combining and capturing the raw ideas. Oh yeah, and dropping them on the handful that read this blog. It’s got some interesting ideas I like enough to commit it to the digisphere, so I keep my errors and my good bits in.

Curiosity got the best of you? Pain tolerance up? Musical sensibilities off and into the whiskey? Then have a listen. I’d say “enjoy:, but I think “experience” is more apropos. (Dashboard translated “Tonal Experiment” to the Kanji on the left. Dunno if that’s right, but there it is. The previous one was “Music”)

If you think it hurts now…..

Get there. See it. An Inconvenient Truth is a must-see film. It’s
not a seat-edge gripper, but it’s probably about as good as you can get
for communicating our impact on the planet, and the path that we’re
following with ever-increasing speed. You owe it to yourself and more
importantly the next generation to see this movie. The science is
extremely well supported and accurate. The message is clear and well

Let’s set the stage. I’m no luddite, and while I support the Green Party
platform and party, I don’t advocate going back to horse and carriage
and unplugging the power stations. (In fact, it’s a balanced,
sustainable approach that the Green Party advocates that draws me to
them.) The fact remains is that we’re actually incredibly wasteful of
the energy we use. Vast amounts aren’t used for the purpose we target,
but feathered off as heat, or inefficient power to do far more than we
really need. I admire efficiency in its many aspects, and I believe that
it’s films like this that should illustrate just how inefficient our
society is, and how much room there is for improvement.

As Gore states in the film, quoting a context long in our past, “We are
entering an era of consequences”. We need to act to head off an era of
decimation and upheaval. We have the ability to begin to mitigate and
manage our impact, but first we need to be aware of it, and motivated to
act. I believe that this film is the vehicle for the majority of people
to achieve just that. Please, show you have a more open mind than
President Bush and his staff, who sit in complete denial of our impact
and footprint, living for today without planning for tomorrow. Theatre
listings are at
If you go, pledge to go via the link banner on the right, and
then, tell your friends, take them with you. Awareness is that critical
first step that we can all participate in.