Tiger part 2 — Farewell oh wondrous uControl!

Well, they FINALLY did it in the OS. In Keyboard & Mouse System
Preferences, there’s a neat little button in the lower left of the
keyboard screen saying “Modifier Keys…” That little gem has the ability
to swap and/or remap Caps Lock, Control, Option and Command to any of the
others or to No Action. So I no longer have ANY caps lock key (Clouds
Open, Angels Sing praise) but the emacs hack that I am, I have a properly
positioned Control key. -)

uControl has a lot of other features, but really I never used them to any
great degree (horizontal trackpad scrolling occasionally, but I don’t miss
it). So while I so completely appreciated all the work the coders did on
that product in all the wonderful ways it did it, I’m glad that I don’t
rely on a third party kernel extension to ditch the stupidest idea in
keyboard design in history (promoting the caps lock key from it’s
typewriter-historic exile in the far lower left).

Minor nit, on this old iBook, the iTunes dashboard widget is useless
performance wise. I still much prefer the “hit the + button” on iTunes to
get the mini view and keep it on top but mostly out of the way. Plus I
keep trying to move my head to get rid of the “glare” on the glass of the
iTunes widget. DUH. Little too shiny that one.

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