Another Bloged upgrade…. another date whoops… but this time my fault

Well, I just upgraded to the latest bloged 0.7 (good job Henry and
everyone). Seems to be pretty decent. The editor has a few graphical
hiccups that might be my system, but I’ll fiddle with it and see if it’s
worth reporting more formally. Overall the program looks a lot better, and
feature-rich, but mostly just a lot easier to do some of the simple things.

That said, I’ve had a good summer thus far, and now I think it’s time to
hack the 5 or so items out that I’ve been pondering. I’ll hopefully get
to that this weekend. The first one will be around my iBook, which I
restored from backup a few weeks back, and that caused my last two
entries to be recreated from the web publish version as they were not on
the backup I pulled from.

So while I’m going to cause a bit of a rash of postings, and hopefully
start getting a bit more regular and frequent on the musings, it’s a lot
of pent-up stuff. Some of it hopefully good reading for the web

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