Mono on Mac with NAnt even…

Well, I finally had another shot at getting Mono on Mac OS X to run NAnt
and do something useful… and guess what? Success!

Now, the gritty details…..

I am using the latest mono framework for Mac OS X, which is 1.1.2 from
the devleopment build. I don’t know if that’s required, but Mono is a
bit thin to begin with on Mac, so the latest doesn’t hurt too much.

Also, I’m using nAnt-0.85-rc1, which is the latest release candidate
snapshot. That’s more out of want than need, as we’re moving to 0.85 at
work, and it’s a Good Thing™ to be up to speed on the tools you make a
living off of. -)

So there is some hope. Haven’t got Cocoa# or Gtk# installed or built
yet, but at least with NAnt actually functioning, there is a little hope
now without days of pain and file lists (no thanks, better things to do).

Of course, there is one trick that was causing much of the pain.
pkg-config. If you use Fink, you’re probably getting the fink pkg-config
that by default is in /sw/bin. When you’re running NAnt, you want the
path of /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Commands to be before that
one, as there is a pkg-config there that deals with it. I have no idea
how the two interact or relate, and I’m just going to wrap the NAnt in a
shell script that mods that path for it to run. I have a lot more useful
stuff as part of Fink that I value more than mono on a Mac. -)

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