Mono on the Mac…. some success

Well, after the Nant frustration (still no luck there BTW), I dug in and
tried to do something useful anyway getting this stuff running.

NUnit works very well. The mono binaries can be used as-is, bypassing
needing a NAnt build tool to assemble it.

For some simple stuff that doesn’t need a big freaking build system like
NAnt (you know, like more than about 5 classes :^) ) this with mcs and
mono can work OK. I’ve only used the command line and developed non-GUI
classes, but it does seem to be working OK.

The next step is that Ant itself has .NET tasks. I’ll give that a shot
and see if it Moofs. -)

I still much prefer Java and/or Objective-C to this stuff, but it never
hurts to know a few more platforms.

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