Special effects night!

IMG_1507.jpg Wow! The blog’s a bit late, but Sunday night was just absolutely
incredible up here in Calgary for the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).
There’s a whack of a sunspot pumping flares and solar ejecta our way, and
it was causing the cool green colour of ionized oxygen to just dance
across the entire sky of Calgary. Not as colourful as the aurora gets
further north, but an absolutely stunning sight to behold.

The pics I did take with the Canon A70 digital camera don’t do them
justice (noisy at ASA400 equiv as well) but it was a sight to see. Popped
one of the pics on the page here just to get an idea. Those aren’t clouds
or sky reflection of the city lights above the houses, that is a beautiful
faint green aura of light from the borealis.

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