And now for something completely different…

At risk of being accused of publicity mongering, I’m going to wade in on
the whole civil union issue.

Laying some groundwork, I am a heterosexual, and married within a
church, and have kids. Additionally, I know and have friends who are
homosexual. None of them are currently in an official or contractual
union of any kind. I have no objections to the concept of equality
before the law. If the union of a same sex couple proceeds through legal
channel, and rights and obligations are all entered into under civil
authority as is done in marriage, then the economic benefits and legal
rights should accord to any couple, regardless of composition. I suspect
that polygamy may raise itself in awareness as this proceeds. As may a
number of other non-traditional unions. But we’ll stay with the matter
at hand of same-sex unions, assuming two people.

I do have an objection of calling it a marriage. Why? Because it is
different. It’s not necessarily better or worse, and obviously I have my
biases. I do have a serious issue with the tendency of today’s society
to turn everything plain vanilla and base it all on the eyes of the law.
A same sex union of two people is different than that of a heterosexual
couple. This is based on the nature of men and women being different. If
that wasn’t the case, it’s unlikely there would be such a divergence in

A same-sex couple has a different viewpoint than a traditional marriage,
at a very fundamental level. Marriage is a religious union in history,
and has a long social history. A same sex union is a new aspect in our
society. If we paint it with the brush of marriage, it will be judged
against marriage. Any unique aspect of the union, or major difference in
the philosophical nature of the union will be lost in the jumble of some
sort of “which one is best” competition. If we can unify the legal
aspect, and preserve the uniqueness of both styles of union, within
their distinctive moral frameworks, I think we would be better set to
enrich the society over time, rather than reducing everything to more
legal framework, lawsuits, and rule by law.

That seems to me a soulless society of the future, and I’d rather that
we not allow that to happen. The goal should be to celebrate the
differences, rather than to bury them, hiding prejudice behind legal

Expose the prejudice, and confront it head-on, and conquer it.

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